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Toy soldiers from St.-Petersburg

Toy soldiers from St. Petersburg

We present toy soldiers made in St.-Petersburg - the city which is famous for its outstanding historical miniatures in connoisseur style. We offer toy soldiers in 54mm scale (1:32) hand-painted in acrylic and tempera, as well as painting services and custom-made metal historical miniatures.

Painted soldier sample - Roman legionary We make our toy soldiers in close cooperation with Azimuth studio located in St.-Petersburg. All models are in scale 54mm and made of tin and lead alloy. Our prices are very competitive if compared with models of the same painting grade of other famous manufacturers. Detailed photos of our models are in Azimuth studio catalogue.

Many collectors and hobbyists prefer to paint toy soldier figurines by themselves. We offer Azimuth studio models in unassembled and unpainted form.

Custom made toy soldier sample Have you ever dreamt about creating your own toy soldier figurine? Or even about starting your own product line?
OK! We can do it for you! Our professional sculptor will make a sculpture by your picture and our experienced artists will paint figurines according to your requirements. See details about custom-made toy soldiers here.

Pegaso sample - French knight at Poitier

Painting services for historical miniatures is another branch of our business. If you stick to worldwide famous makers such as Pegaso models or Andrea miniaturas than order painting from us! We provide top-notch painting relevant to exclusive sculpture quality of these great makers. See some samples of our painting.

Are you a hobby shop owner or toy soldier reseller? Then see our proposals for toy soldiers dealers.

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