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Ancient world
s.6 Greek hoplite top    medium
S.6 Greek hoplite
s.7 Greek hoplite top    medium
S.7 Greek hoplite
s.10 Greek darter top
S.10 Greek darter
s.11 Greek longbowman top    medium
S.11 Greek longbowman
s.22 Greek warrior top    medium
S.22 Greek with stone
s.32 Greek hoplite top    medium
S.32 Greek hoplite
s.25 Roman legionary top    medium
S.25 Roman legionary, 1-2 c A.D.
s.25.b Roman with pilum medium
S.25.b Roman legionary w pilum, 1-2 c A.D.
s.26 Roman legionary top    medium
S.26 Roman legionary, 1-2 c A.D.
s.29 Roman legionnaire top    medium
S.29 Roman legionary, 4 c A.D.
s.30 imaginifer top    medium
S.30 Roman imaginifer, 1-2 c A.D.
s.31 dragon bearer top    medium
S.31 Roman dragon-bearer, 4 c A.D.
s.40 Roman legionary with spear top    medium
S.40 Roman legionary w spear
s.41 Kneeling Roman legionary top    medium
S.41 Kneeling Roman legionary
s.42 Roman legionary with sword 2 cent B C top   
S.42 Roman legionary 2 c B.C.
s.43 Roman velite medium   
S.43 Roman velite
s.44 Roman legionary with pilum 4 cent A.D. top   
S.44 Roman legionary 4 c AD
s.45 Roman officer top   
S.45 Roman officer
s.48 Egyptian warrior top   
S.48 Egyptian warrior
s.27 Celt top
S.27 Celtic warrior
s.28 Celtic horseman top    medium
S.28 Celtic horseman
s.47 Celtic warrior with axe top   
S.47 Celtic warrior with axe
From Middle ages till now
s.1 Spaniard with sword top
S.1 Spaniard w 2-handed sword
s.2 Spanish halberdier top    medium
S.2 Spanish halberdier
s.23 Spanish officer top    medium
S.23 Spanish officer
s.4 Spanish musketeer top
S.4 Spanish musketeer
s.5 Spanish spearman top    medium
S.5 Spanish spearman
s.12 russian prince top    medium
S.12 Russian prince, 15 c
s.13 Russian with axe top    medium
S.13 Russian warrior, 13 c
s.14 Russian spearman top    medium
S.14 Russian spearman, 13 c
s.15 Russian with sword top    medium
S.15 Russian swordsman, 13 c
s.35 Russian with banner top    medium
S.35 Russian w banner, 15 c
s.38 Russian horseman top    medium
S.38 Russian horseman, 17 c
s.37 Mounted Polish hussar top    medium
S.37 Polish hussar, 16 c
s.16 highlander with dagger top    medium
S.16 Highlander, 16-17 c
s.17 highlander with gun top    medium
S.17 Highlander, 17-18 c
s.18 French musketeer top    medium
S.18 French musketeer, 17 c
s.19 French officer top    medium
S.19 French officer, 18 c
s.21 French fusilier top    medium
S.21 French fusilier, 18 c
s.24 French drummer top
S.24 French drummer, 18 c
s.20 medieval knight Holy Grail top    medium
S.20 Medieval knight
s.33 samurai with Budha top    medium
S.33 Samurai with Budha
s.36 samurai Tayra top    medium
S.36 Samurai Tayra
s.46 Japanese monk top   
S.46 Japanese monk
s.49 Mounted Japanese samurai top   
S.49 Mounted samurai
s.34 Turkish halberdier top    medium
S.34 Turkish halberdier
s.39 American Indian top    medium
S.39 American Indian
s.50 Red Army soldier top
S.50 Red Army soldier
s.9 emperor Peter the great top    medium
S.9 Russian emperor Peter I

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