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Toy soldier casting sample If you wish to create your own toy soldier model than this page could be valuable for you. We would like to offer custom-made toy soldiers for your collection. This is most useful for hobby shop owners an toy soldier sellers. Nowadays, when outsourcing is so popular, this offer can save you a lot of money as our prices are quite moderate.

We perform the whole process of creating the model from sculpting to painting with the utmost accuracy. All steps of manufacturing are maintained by proficient and experienced masters.

First, our sculptor creates a sculpture according to your picture. All you need is to send us the photo. It can be your own design or a picture from a book. Then a mould maker creates a casting mould. Then foundry worker uses this mould for casting. We make our models of tin and lead alloy similar to pewter. Such armour pieces as swords and spears are usually made of steel. After casting is ready the items have to be assembled and finished for painting.

Toy soldier painted sample On this stage comes the artist - the person who turnes this strange-looking gray stuff into a masterpiece. Our artists have wide experience and taste and can paint in most detailed connoisseur style.

The whole process of manufacturing takes about 2 months. This scheme works properly and our customers order custom-made toy soldiers more and more.

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